Easy-to-use interface                    

Big data analytics is not only the privilege of the data scientists. Radoop is easy to learn even for non-technical people, so everyone can tap on the company’s data asset and turn it into business value.

Advanced big data analytics

Big data is worthless without analyzing, visualizing and making sense of it. Radoop not just provides ETL, analytics and visualization in a single package but uniquely offers predictive analytics. From now on, big data analytics is more than just reporting the past, it is predicting the future.

Fits into your IT and business processes

Our unique big data analytics product easily integrates with any Hadoop cluster and the rest of your IT infrastructure. Features like collaboration and scheduling simplify the integration and deployment of big data analytics into business processes.

Radoop lowers TCO                             

Turning big data into business value is a pressing challenge for companies. The cost of scaling data warehouses and the shortage of experts limit the ability to extract insights from big data. Radoop and main Hadoop distributions lower TCO with a scalable and easy-to-use big data solution.

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