Zoltan Prekopcsak, CEO

Zoltan has experience in data-driven projects in various industries including telecommunications, financial services, e-commerce, neuroscience, and many more. He has been a data scientist at Secret Sauce Partners, Inc. where he created a patented technology for predicting customer behavior. He has dozens of publications and he is a regular speaker at international conferences.

Peter Hellinger, Senior Software Engineer

Peter is an experienced developer and BI consultant. He contributed to numerous development projects for companies in the telecommunication and financial sector, and has been involved in various BI and data mining projects. His experience ranges from designing data migration and quality projects, to the implementation of state-of-the-art data mining algorithms and database performance tuning.

Zoltan Szatmari, Senior Systems Engineer

Zoltan is passionate about putting the small puzzles together, building complex hardware and software systems and finally integrating them into an existing environment. He was working as a researcher at BUTE Fault Tolerant Systems Research Group and became the chief systems engineer of Radoop. His experience ranges from system engineering to system automation, metrics, database design and model driven technologies.

Istvan Nagy, Business Developer

Istvan can combine the skills of quantitative expertise in analytics and business flair. He as a researcher and lecturer of Budapest University of Technology and Economics has a broad range of modeling skills. Otherwise, Istvan has been involved in quite a few analytical projects from many fields to develop data-driven solutions from understanding business environment to applying them to business.

Csaba Gaspar, Advisor

Csaba is an evangelist who is committed to spread of data-driven decision-making in business thinking. Csaba as a researcher and lecturer of Budapest University of Technology and Economics helps students and young professionals move ahead in their career, as data analyst helps companies embrace data-driven decision making.

We are further supported and advised by Dmlab.

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