Radoop Standard Edition

for individuals and teams to easily analyze and visualize big data stored in Hadoop


Data flow interface

Radoop (powered by RapidMiner) has an easy-to-use data flow interface for ETL, analytics, ad-hoc reporting, predictive modeling and visualization of big data. It is easy to learn and analytic processes are easy to maintain.

Dozens of building blocks

Radoop has dozens of building blocks (called operators) for data import-export, data transformations, data cleansing, aggregations, joins and even predictive modeling. You will find these building blocks useful for many analytic tasks.

Visualization and big data reports

You can visualize data samples quickly with a few clicks and generate reports from big data. Radoop visualizations are powered by RapidMiner and many charts and graphs are included for presenting your data.

Advanced analytics

Beyond the ability to segment and cluster your big data, Radoop also supports predictive modeling. The included algorithms can boost the efficiency of your models with incremental learning: existing models can continue to be updated with additional data.

Model scoring on big data

You can build or load your regression and classification models like linear regression, neural network, logistic regression, decision tree or ruleset model in the familiar environment of RapidMiner and then score these models on big data in Hadoop.

Connects to your Hadoop cluster

Radoop can connect to many different Hadoop clusters: Cloudera Distribution including Apache Hadoop (CDH), the Hortonworks Data Platform (HDP), Apache Hadoop with Hive, Amazon Elastic MapReduce, MapR Hadoop, and DataStax Enterprise.

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